Sushi and me!


Well, that’s like saying butter and bread.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by anything Japanese. From my very first Hello Kitty pen and eraser set (gifted by one of my friends on my 7th birthday), to the Meiji chocolates my aunt would bring us whenever she visits, to the first Seiko wristwatch my mom bought me when I was in second grade. Japanese to me means quality inside and out, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

During college days, extra allowance means a chance to visit Tokyo Tokyo at SM North EDSA. Thanks to their “bento” meal, we could taste a bit of almost everything for a good price. After getting my first paycheck, I saw to it that I get to eat Japanese … and so my best friend, Leah and I head out to this small joint (I forgot the name) at Quezon Avenue where I develop my love for sushi. The place was small but they do serve authentic Japanese cuisine courtesy of its owner, a Japanese chef married to a Filipina. From then onwards, there’s no stopping the Japanese cravings in me.

Ten years into marriage and my husband got a fellowship in Japan. Hearing the news for the first time was like seeing an assembly of angels descend into our living room to take me to heaven. Japan here I come. Tokyo is no longer just a restaurant for me! Yipee!!!

Japan is exactly what I pictured it to be. Heavenly! And living in Tokyo, well, awesome!!! There’s sushi everywhere!!! This is where I experience eating sushi in the land of sushi…and heaven of heavens, it’s different! Our stay in Japan enriched not only my ever-growing love for sushi but moreso, my ever growing love for Japan.


My secret stays with my husband and me!


I posted this meme sometime ago and my ohhh my … I did not just get numerous “likes” but I also got comments on how much they agree with me. I guess this goes without saying that our husbands are indeed the best people with whom we can rely on to keep our secrets sacred.

No offense to husbands, especially to my own, but do they really not listen to us when we start lamenting about our lives? Well, I guess they do. It’s just that men tend to speak out less about what their wives blabber about.

At the end of each day, it is my husband who gets the gist of my day…good or bad ….whether he likes it or not! And for this, I truly appreciate him. He may not remember what I told him last night, or the night before, and the many nights before that. But what is important to me is that at that point when I needed someone to listen, he was there … attentively (or so it seems :-)) listening to me.

Secrets! Of course, he is the one I turn to when I want to keep mine hidden in the valley of nowhere. And this is not because he never actually listens but because he actually care that those are part of my deepest being and should be kept hidden from anyone.

Search for Meaning


There are days when I wonder where I am heading to. What I really want in life. Now that I am in my mid-40s, I would say I have every single material thing that anyone can ask for. So…check! I am ok in that aspect. I don’t aspire for anything material. I long for some meaning in life. Happiness is subjective! I am happy. But, I want to be happy and contented. I have a job, an amazing family, a good circle of friends, and an opportunity to be where I want to be when I want to be. What else??? The beauty of life is that until we live, we keep searching for its meaning. And the best part is — when we finally got what life has to offer us, we try to find out what we can offer life. I am out to find out!

It’s been awhile … literally!


I love writing. This is what I was born to do. And this is what I have been doing for as long as I can remember. I wrote just about anything, everywhere, any medium — school newsletter, school annual magazine, community newspaper (@ San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, to which I was fortunate to be part of the group that set it up), government newspaper (the official newspaper of Tagaytay City way back in the 1980s titled “Bridge to the Ridge”), information journal for newscasters, training materials for farmers and community worker, UN magazines (and they were translated in  several languages, whew! I was really proud of those!!!), newspapers (both the broads and tabloids), magazines (from scientific magazines — to parenting — to kids — to fashion — even food reviews!), e-books, question banks, tweets, blogs … and this is where I am, right now!

I am terribly upset that my last entry for my previous blog site ( to which I lost (ok…forgotten!) my password and can no longer access was seven years ago. Didn’t you write all these times, you may ask! Of course not! How can I not write? That’s what I was born to do, remember? Well, can’t blame it on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman … not even the Angry Birds! I blame only myself and my ever busy life.

OK, partly it’s because my family and I relocated to a different country….and Lord of Lord, the country we went to had very strict policy on what one can transmit on the internet. Not to mention the fact that transmitting them take ages! Moving back home, I had tons of work which, of course, meant writing but by then there are so many other preoccupations that stole my time.

Fast forward!!! Seven years later … I have decided to get back to blogging – one of technology’s gifts to writers like me.