Happily Bitten, again…


Two years, one month, and eight days! These numbers spell out the time I was away from this site. The reason being, I have been busy (as usual), but most importantly because I lost my link (read: my password) to operate this medium. See, how we writers can spin-up words to avoid saying we were just plain and simple, lazy!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing!” I guess I’ve been doing the latter. Writing is very close to my heart, it’s my way of expressing myself and not being able to do it is like a punishment. Needless to say, I miss writing.

There is of course, my profession where I have to write – edit – write – edit – and write more. But that is something entirely different! In fact, being in the kind of profession where I am makes me think I tend to lose my creativity in writing by simply re-writing someone else’s work or editing them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But having a platform wherein I can be free to write whatever I want and whatever I feel is something else.

Seven hundred and sixty-eight days … so many things have happened and a lot of things have changed. And I am just glad that the bug brought me back to this space where I can begin writing again. More soon!