A Happy Goodbye

There are different types of goodbyes. Most of them are hurtful. People tend to think of the word goodbye as an end, but I would rather think of it as a new beginning. Saying goodbye need not be upsetting. Saying goodbye can be uplifting.

As I leave another phase of my professional life, I look back at the happy memories I had with MPS. I recall the countless beautiful reminiscences that I will forever cherish. I remember the numerous bonds I formed with many of my friends in the company. And I recollect how these people helped me cope with the challenges I faced in this organization.

My previous post reminds me of how I started here with a big bang, literally! A bang that led to friendships that I will treasure – always! Chendur, Srinivas, and Joel … the names that will always be remembered for picking me up when I am down…again, literally!


I never felt like a newbie in MPS. On my very first week, I found a clique! I found three beautiful ladies who took me in as the fourth corner to complete a quadrilateral. What began as a regular trip to coffee kadais and bajji stalls became lunches and dinners, even cook-outs and shopping trips! Meenakshi, the queen of copyediting, is the group’s fashionista. You won’t catch her coming to office if she hasn’t shopped for a new kameez! A stockholder of Hidesign, she also owns W. She holds the longest notice period in the history of MPS! Ramya, MPS’ dancing queen, is the group’s selfie expert. With her long slender arms, she is the designated photographer using her latest model of Iphone. I had the wildest ride with her chasing projects in the O2Es. Chitra is the group’s Mother Goose. We go to her for everything – from food to fashion to fixing everything in between. She has the biggest heart and a hand that creates magic in the kitchen. She is the person I call when I needed a listening ear and an understanding heart! Thank you ladies, my stay in MPS has been a lot more fun because of you and your friendship.

Having these ladies in my first circle, I quickly developed a larger circle spanning three manager’s cabin and the production floor. Cabin One where Meenakshi and Ramya sit is where some of the kindest souls work. Rajendran, the boss, is my person to go to when I have problems with work (pricing, billing, oursourcing) or otherwise. Armed with the smartest advice, he treats everyone courteously.  Garrish is the charming lady who can be found in Emerald more often than in her seat! If not, she is often seen with her laptop on the production floor. A fine friend who I will definitely miss chatting with. Manoj is the quiet gentleman and a very nice person to talk to. I enjoyed his inquisitive questions about my work.

Just like me, Chitra sits in Cabin Two in the company of men who have become good friends of mine. Thanks to the constant invite for food and sweets! They are the people who would call Meenakshi and me for lunch-out even if they had just planned it for their team! Banshi, my “best friend” is someone who I worked with during my early days here. An unassuming gentleman from Odisha, we fought on projects and became friends later on. Raj is the Pondicherry lad who rushes to the French quarters every Friday evening. Bala is our fish-eating buddy and one who engineers his own water sprinklers at home. I will always remember the soft-spoken Sivaranjan for giving us chocolates for Women’s Day, and for the delicious treats he brought on his birthday. Ratheesan is my team’s go-to man for XML ingestion.

As for my cabin mates, I have already mentioned them in my last post (https://gemmarievenkataramani.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/thorny-rose-in-the-bush/) and I am sure they know who they are when I say, I am every grateful to them for being Snow White’s dwarves and for being the gummy bears of my stay here.

Bosses, I had the best bosses! Nigel who brought me in through “LinkedIn” was someone I admire for his wit, quick thinking, and smart ideas. He was a boss when he needed to be a boss and a friend when he feels it’s time to be a friend. Harrish is another person I look up to for his good leadership and friendly demeanor. He never fails to come say hi to me and my cabin mates when he is on this side of the RR Tower 4. I will never forget how he allowed me to take over his parking space while he searched for a new place!

And of course, my team!! I am fortunate to have the best people I can ever think of, in my team. Dedicated and hardworking, these guys are what I call, my dream team! I will always look back to the happy memories we had. Teena, Sangamitra, Prasanna, Crisbin, and Maha … I am sure we will meet again, sometime…somewhere.

On the production floor, I found really good friends who come to our cabin to bring me their home-made murukkus and other special items for Diwali, share the gulab jamuns made by their wives, and give me anecdotes that made me laugh.

The IT team lead by Anton has been very helpful. One call and they come running to assist my technologically-challenged self! Be it a faulty mouse, a request for software, or a file that I couldn’t download, they are ever ready to help.

The cleaning ladies, the office assistants, and most especially, Saran, our coffee guy … life in MPS would not have been a great experience without your support.

Knowing these people makes it a happy goodbye for me. Months well spent doing my work and earning good friends in the process. I will certainly miss you guys. Please remember me once in a while, the happy days we shared, the memories we made.

And yes, call me for lunch…or dinner…or fish outing! I will be there!